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Seattle Tops the List for Pricey Getaways While Hanoi is Heavenly for those on a Budget

Looking to save this summer? Stay away from Seattle and head to Hanoi instead.

Using the average cost of a three-day trip for two people — including lunch and dinner each day, a taxi ride, one tour per day and a three-night hotel stay — TripAdvisor's annual TripIndex Cities cost-comparison study ranked the most and least expensive domestic and international cities.

Of course, there's one major component missing: the cost of airfare to the destination from your home airport. So while a Hanoi sounds heavenly, it's not at all a cheap flight from anywhere in the U.S.

Still, the TripIndex is helpful for getting a general sense of how much a trip will cost while on the ground and why some cities seems to cost so much more than others. Driving the cost up in Seattle, for example, is the relatively high price of hotels: $438 per night on average for a 4-star hotel. The opposite is true in Hanoi, the least expensive international city, where a 4-star hotel will run you just $87 per night.

Surprisingly, New York, known for its pricey hotels, restaurants and entertainment options, was out-priced on the most expensive list by Seattle, Boston and San Francisco.

And if you thought Mexico was a cheap vacation? Think again. Cancun came in as the most expensive international option.

For travelers on a budget, look to Dallas, New Orleans, Miami, Minneapolis and Atlanta, the five least expensive domestic destinations.