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This is what hotel and restaurant operators think about TripAdvisor! 


"Through TripAdvisor, potential guests can have a glimpse into our establishment through the review of those who have had experiences at Lions Rest Country Estate. The positive reviews we receive give potential guests assurance that they will get worthwhile vacation and a break away from their busy daily lives. The sincere reviews also assist potential guests to make informed decisions regarding the kind of service they are yearning for." -- Ethel, Lions Rest Country Estate


"TripAdvisor is widely regarded as the authoritative and credible voice for the hospitality industry. Through our affiliation with TripAdvisor and the reviews received to date, our business has grown its reputation and, accordingly, its customer base. TripAdvisor is so widely recognised and respected, that our reviews form part of our annual assessment when renewing our tourism star grading." -- Zita van der Sandt, Cape Flame Guest House


"Thanks for this opportunity to say how much we appreciate what being on TripAdvisor has done for our business. The comments left by departing guests have definitely boosted our sales and our image. 'Word of mouth' has always been cited as the best advertising one can get. TripAdvisor is similar, but to a much wider audience. We proudly display our "Certificate of Excellence" which we were awarded in 2016. This does not go unnoticed by customers looking for accommodations, nor by guests staying at our B&B." -- Liz Page, Coral Tree Colony Bed & Breakfast


"Our local and international guests prefer to view their options on TripAdvisor before they plan a trip - price, location, ratings, amenities, etc., to allow them to have a choice. Their reviews have assisted us making continuous improvements and also endorsing our establishment showing us that we are the right track and appreciated. This is vital for any business to get direct feedback from clients/guests." -- Desmond van Jaarsveld, De Oude Pastorie Guest House 


"In my opinion TripAdvisor is the most well known and globally accepted realtime customer feedback tool we have today. Customer feedback is essential for us to know what to continue doing and what to change in order to give our guests the service they expect - happy guests results in more guests. Many of our guests say they booked with 113 on Robberg because the reviews from other guests sounded appealing to them. This means that potential customers use this feedback system to gather information before they make their purchase decision and in turn avoids disappointed guests as they already know what we have to offer. In essence Trip Advisor is our marketing tool, advertising a variety of opinions from many different customers about us."  -- Rene Roynon, 113 on Robberg


"When people search the internet for accommodation, they are confronted with a 'minefield' of potential venues. TripAdvisor has enabled many of our guests to sift through this mass of information, using the objective reviews and comments left by previous guests. Guests can benefit by other peoples' recommendations and even, in some cases, learn from their mistakes." -- Arthur Flascas, Ocean Grove Guest House


"Sufficient to say that the reviews on TripAdvisor have made a huge impact on our business. New guests repeatedly tell me that they have chosen us because of the excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. Partnering with you has given me the opportunity to get exposure for our business like no other website has done. I can only say that I am so grateful to be a partner with TripAdvisor! I appreciate." -- Imelda te Water Naudé, Beau & I


TripAdvisor has certainly assisted our business (self catering cottages in Johannesburg, South Africa) in a number of positive ways. Firstly by assisting to promote the all important customer reviews and allowing potential guests to receive good information and insights from previous guests. Then they do a great job on marketing themselves on an international scale spreading the word and showcasing one's establishment through an easy to use portal and website that provides all the relevant information that makes for a great holiday. Also providing constantly updated info on things to do in the city and its surrounds. They are a great partner to have and provide one with a variety of marketing tools to use when promoting one's establishment and support you not only in terms of increasing bookings but on innovative new management techniques and we look forward to working with them well in to the future." -- Jamie MacLeod, Moonflower Cottages


"Simply put, TripAdvisor is a global benchmark and worldwide review forum. Hence when guests write comments about our establishment , we get an unsolicited honest opinion of their likes and dislikes, which allows us to measure our own performance on an independent unbiased platform and take the necessary corrective action when needed . It is also a great advert for our business particularly with all the positive reviews." -- Louise, The Oval Bed and Breakfast


"Being in the top five Madikwe lodges on TripAdvisor has been hugely beneficial for us ... mainly because so much of what we offer is unknown. We are an unfenced eco lodge (in a big five game reserve!) with no running water or electricity. Guests writing about the comfort and ingenuity of the accommodation and facilities goes a long way in reassuring people wondering about coming to us for the first time." -- Caroline Lucas, Mosetlha Bush Camp & Eco Lodge



"Amazing advertising medium which is interactive and allows customers to become friends. Staff in my little business thrives with the awesome comments and motivates them to produce awesome beautiful meals.They love checking into TripAdvisor to see how proactive our customers are.. our thanks to TripAdvisor for enabling both clients and my staff from benefitting from the reviews." -- Adys, Adys the Queen of Tarts


"Knysna is a huge tourist attraction for people from all over the world. My business is a small one and not in the waterfreont where most of the other restaurants are. TripAdvisor has put me on the map and I am very grateful for that!! It's exposure I would never have had. From TripAdvisor, other publishers have heard of the Olive Tree and so on. It's almost like 'word of mouth;' the best advertising I could have !! SO,THANK YOU!!!" -- Ellen Owen, The Olive Tree 


"Most of the patrons who visit our restaurant are from cities elsewhere in South Africa and from abroad. The majority of them use TripAdvisor to choose a suitable eatery. Our regular Certificates of Excellence and standing within the local ratings give prospective patrons confidence that the Lemon Tree standard is good. It has proven to be a valuable instrument for getting people through our doors." -- Huck Orban, Lemon Tree Bistro


"Since our patrons started rating us on TripAdvisor, our turnover has increased, not just from people traveling from abroad, but also with locals. It would seem that most people rely on the feedback given on TripAdvisor before they make their decision about destination or an outlet to use. Since poor revieews can have an adverse effect also, it makes us put that extra effort to maintain the quality of our service and products." -- Ajeet Gill MBE, Punjabi Kitchen


"It gives me more presence online and it is a quite powerful and trustworthy site that we see our foreign guests using quite often!" -- Laurence Heald, Folk Coffee Anthropoly


"It gives  every client the opportunity to react and report on a business, good or bad, and that promotes the business for future clients." -- DC Swart, Schooners Galley Restaurant


"TripAdvisor gives our guests a platform to give us extended feedback as well as inform other guests about their experiences in our restaurants." -- Fisani Mncube, Fancourt


"Guests visit us with confidence due to our consistent top 10 rating on TripAdvisor.... It also motivates our staff to deliver excellent food and service. It assists us in identifying and correcting any issues not brought to our attention on the day" -- Len Swart, Oppie Dorp Restaurant


"As a small bistro off the beaten track in rural South Africa with extremely limited business hours (i.e. Sunday lunch) TripAdvisor introduced us not to only South African tourists, but also to a selection of international tourists as far afield as India, Belgium, Sweden and the UK (and a few other countries). Without TripAdvisor, chances are that this would never have happened." -- Julio Agrella, Bistro Celeiro