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This is what hotel and restaurant operators think about TripAdvisor! 


"When we first opened our doors for business in August 2013 we were petrified of being listed on TripAdvisor. We seriously thought that if we received even one bad review it would mean our business would fail and customers would not book our rooms. We honestly thought that TripAdvisor was biased and very much geared towards the reviewer. It wasn't until a year later that I read an article on how to respond to TripAdvisor reviews and use them in a positive way for the business, so we took the plunge and listed. We have never hassled our guests for a review, which is why in the past we have ranked lower than some of our competitors. Since the introduction of Review Express I have been sending out a weekly email to nudge guests to leave reviews and we have moved from position 27 up to 16 out of a total of 98, with very little effort. I have found that we can use the reviews to help motivate our staff and to set targets for them in terms of our ranking. If we get a bad review, which is rare, we will sit down with staff to try and understand what happened. Sometimes, it may not be anything to do with our business and the guest is just having a bad day, in which case we have learnt not to be too sensitive about these reviews because we are confident that guests searching the site will get a balanced perspective of our business. Guests are continually telling us that they booked our hotel after reading our TripAdvisor reviews, so we know it is an essential part of our marketing that we will continue to use for the foreseeable future." -- Laetitia Beatty, Fab Guest


"Every customer is important to us and feedback on TripAdvisor helps us offer a consistently high standard of service. Positive comments enable us to build on what we do well. Constructive criticism enables us to make changes and be better. When any of our individual team members are named we celebrate their success and feel incredibly proud of all they have achieved. Thank you, TripAdvisor. You celebrate the very best in hospitality and both your partners and their potential guests benefit." -- Sam Roffe, The George at Backwell


"Since taking over the business nearly two years ago from a family member all the TripAdvisor reviews were deleted and we had to start from scratch. TripAdvisor reviews are very important for any established business so we thought it would be difficult to build back up. How wrong I was! TripAdvisor reviews have built up nicely in the last two years and we started at 12th and are now 2nd in our ratings for Dawlish with five star reviews and over 90 reviews in all. People, I think, use TripAdvisor as a solid truthful source of where they want to go and without it people would not rely on other sources as much as TripAdvisor." -- Alison Hill, The Blenheim


"Since we started getting reviews on TripAdvisor in the last three years my bookings have gone up by 25% year round. We try and keep our five star reviews. This helps me when I look at my standards. I try to give in the bed and breakfast putting right any side of the business that's letting us down. Plus it points out to me what other bed and breakfasts in the area are charging and their standards. Easy to down load new pictures and reply to custorms reviews using my manager page  
bed and breakfast." -- The Derby Hotel


"I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity of receiving reviews from past clients about the care and love they receive during their stay with us. TripAdvisor is a Bible that reflects the genuine experience of all the guests. It incentivises owner to better their business without incurring cost from a specialist. It may be painful at the time but it's very healthy in developing a successful business.TripAdvisor is always encouraging owners in applying for new accolades to display on site. The staff are very willing and polite in answering all queries. Without TripAdvisor one cannot run a business. A big thank you to the whole international team. Well done." -- Keeran Dabydoyal, St. Weonards


"Without a doubt Tripadvisor is as , if not more imortant than any of our advertising portals. At least 80% of phone bookings actually state at the time of booking 'your reviews are amazing.' And the majority of our internet bookings also mention the reviews during their stays . If you provide a good level of service, Tripadvisor is an incredible aid to growth of yur business." -- Christine Lannaghan, Brynawel Farm B&B


"As a small hotel, we have been listed on TripAdvisor since 2004, which has enabled us to have access to the world market from the world’s largest travel website. Since the Business Listing (now Business Advantage) was introduced, it has proved to be the best and lowest cost marketing method we have ever used. Our number of visitor enquiries continues to increase each year, and at a cost which is less than a few pounds per day.  As reputedly 83% of potential guests now always check TripAdvisor before selecting a hotel, it is now easy for visitors to click directly from TripAdvisor to our website.  The comprehensive easy-to-navigate TripAdvisor site creates the initial interest, and as you can only “judge the quality of something after you have tried, used, or experienced it” -  the reviews from genuine guests are a great way of imparting their experiences, and providing testimonials. A very positive outcome is that TripAdvisor also continues to inspire us to try and become even better." -- Malcolm Herring, Blue Hayes Hotel


"When we bought our hotel 13 years ago, it had no business. At first we relied on passing trade, building up slowly offering good value, clean accommodation and good food. Word of mouth and returning guests helped. A guest told us of TripAdvisor so we checked it out, registered as owners, and thankfully guests did the rest by placing their reviews on. New guests often mention the reviews so we know they look before they book. Without TripAdvisor I dont think that we would still be in business, so thank you." -- Sandra Fenton, The Scala


"I have owned laburnum house for over seven years now and have used TripAdvisor from the start. I have received certificate of excellence every year and have advertised this certificate on house front. I ask my guests where did they hear about me and ninety percent it's from TripAdvisor." -- Valerie, Laburnum House Bed and Breakfast


"TripAdvisor has helped us create a virtuous circle of customer service and understanding, through almost 700 excellent reviews. By monitoring and responding to guests' reviews, we are able to refine and develop our service and offering, resulting in further positive reviews. TripAdvisor further endorses what we are achieving through support like Certificates of Excellence and GreenLeaders, which guests actively search out - and also allows potential guests to easily link through to our website to make a booking." -- Michael Dean, Adcote House



"Being a very new business, one that is tucked out of the way, that wants to not only promote ourselves but also the area, TripAdvisor has been an amazing promotional tool for us. The reviews are looked at by other customers and are taken seriously and we have had plenty of repeat business as a result. Without a valuable resource such as TripAdvisor we would have had to work so much harder and it would've taken longer to get this exposure. Thank you guys!" -- Alison Cormack, The Boathouse Cafe and Bar


"I started my restaurant four years ago with my partner. In the start we spent a lot of money on advertising through the difference companies. We try and have a chat with all our customers to find out how they have come to find us and the majority mention TripAdvisor, even more so in the past year since becoming number one in Paignton. We don't advertise anywhere else now and business is great from thefantastic reviews we receive. I always use TripAdvisor myself wherever I go so I can find the best places and where is best to visit. Thank you, TripAdvisor, for being a fantastic part of our business." -- Georgina Lee, Restaurant 59


"Our relationship with TripAdvisor has gone from strength to strengths. The support that they give us goes to great lengths. TripAdvisor is the website that everyone can read and trust. Checking a place before you visit is an absolute must! The packages on offer to the customers are great, especially the BusinessPlus one which has been added of late. As an owner, its handy to see anaylatics and view the stats each week. What TripAdvisor has to offer is totally unique. TripAdvisor will now do all of the hard work for you. If you are planning a hotel stay or two, simply enter your destination and your preferred dates. The system makes suggestions and get the best rates. Our business is lucky to enjoy a lot of good reviews. These play a big part in where potential customers will chose. We enjoy responding to those who have taken time to write and hope they will return to us again with a good appetite!  Our Certificate of Excellence proudly hangs in our inn every time we pass by, it makes us proudly grin. To receive this accolade is definitely for something to aim. It is an industry standard and a trusted acclaim. TripAdvisor has supported us more than words can say by providing a sound advertising platform that helps in every way. We are proud of our partnership and how this has grown. With the help and advice of TripAdvisor, we never feel alone." -- Helen Curtis, The Jolly Huntsman Inn


"Have been in my present restaurant for just over six years - haven't been aware of TripAdvisor before that and had no knowledge that I was actually on it as custmers mentioned the high ratings I was getting. I am 61 years old and have been cooking for 43 years and I am still as enthusiastic now as I was when I started working in four and five star establishments. I am useless on computer short of doing emails, but TripAdvisor has been instrumental to put my business on the map and it is continuing to do so bringing me new and old customers returning because of this platform -even I can understand how it works. Thanks, TripAdvisor - the best marketing tool without spending a lot of money in magazines." -- Werner Rott, Old Vienna Restaurant Torquay LTD


"Lost for words! TripAdvisor has helped my tiny restaurant by giving my diners the opportunity to advertise the personal touch: unique dining experience and idyllic setting without any prompting, begging, or coercion. Thank you, Trip Advisor. I will continue to serve and welcome my diners and try to maintain the highest standards with an ongoing simple, healthy and chilled-out Mid-Wales approach." -- Elizabeth Ruth Kempe, Just3Drops


"TripAdvisor has helped our business tremendously as it gives customers their say and other people can look and judge by the reports in saying that some people unfairly put posts up and don't try to get the problem rectified there and then." -- Julie Oliver, White Hart Pub


"Gives a platform for our customers to leave comments where sometimes if asked on the day, they may feel uncomfortable to say how their experience was. On TripAdvisor they feel no pressure and can just leave an honest account. It is also a great incentive for the team striving to do their best and being rewarded when they see our position in the rankings moving down." -- Joanne Harris, Ring O Bells


"Reopening our business after a few years of being closed down meant a variety of challenges were ahead of us, yet TripAdvisor has effectively supported us over the past two years. Increasing our exposure to bring back previous customers, allowing them to then leave honest reviews to encourage new customers - a mutually beneficial service. The management of our restaurant profile on TripAdvisor couldn't be easier and their business helpline didn't disappoint when needed.   TripAdvisor is absolutely necessary to any business needing to get out there, whilst inevitably useful to customers looking for their sweet spot." -- Yasir Al Dahan, Arabesque


"Nearly every customer says they saw us on TripAdvisor or came to us because the reviews were great. Fab!" -- Carmen Hagel, The Green Almond


"TripAdvisor has helped our business immensely. Without social media and word of mouth, a lot of businesses can fail in their infancy. TripAdvisor is one of the greatest business tools that you can possibly have to get you out there and well known. In turn this can boost your confidence and encourage you to work harder to build your business further." -- Amanda Foley, Butty&Sweet