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This is what hotel and restaurant operators think about TripAdvisor! 


"We started the Colonel's Resort about ten years ago in a remote village called Bir in Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Bir was a very unknown place and it was very difficult to market the resort. I had to put in a lot of hard work and effort to promote the resort. But ever since we got in touch with TripAdvisor, promoting our resort became very easy and simple. And there is no looking back ever since. Every season we are flooded with enquiries and the business has grown, thanks purely to TripAdvisor." -- Col. Jotinder Pal, Colonel's Resort


"My business exists only because of TripAdvisor. Nearly all my guests confirm with me because of my standing in TripAdvisor. This gives them the comfort of knowing what to expect when they are booking with me. I am very glad to be a part of this great institution." -- Neetu Varma, The Brigadiers Cottage


"I share my hearty thanks to TripAdvisor because our property, DSR Madhanam Inn - Kumbakonam, is just one and a half years old, but whoever wants to visit Kumbakonam, when they search online, TripAdvisor was the one helping us show our property to them and create an idea about our hotel. Hotel photos and guest reviews are working as a marketing tool for our hotel. We got lots of guests through TripAdvisor." -- Paul Benjamin, DSR Madhanam Inn


"We are thankful to TripAdvisor for creating a platform where a new hotel like us gets mileage and recognition. It is because of TripAdvisor a guest comes to know about the services and qualities of a category hotel like us. It helps us the reach the guest & understand their expectation from us. I congratulate TripAdvisor for building a bridge and bringing both the hotel & the guest close. Thanking TripAdvisor once again." -- Kunal Seth, Kingston Cheu Den 


"TripAdvisor has been a great source of publicity for us. Many of our guests have written very positive reviews and I have always replied to each of them, adding a little more information about what we offer. We have received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the last five years and display it proudly on our website. With the monitoring of reviews and replies, TripAdvisor has gained credibility and more and more travellers refer to it in planning their voyages. Thank you for providing this platform for dialogue between hosts and guests." -- Asha D'Souza, Orchha Home-Stay


"It gives me a sense of pride and acknowledgement when I see my guests reviewing us positively. It reinforces among my staff that their efforts are being appreciated and that we are progressing in the right direction. Since TripAdvisor is very vigilant about publishing reviews, the comments are taken very seriously by people surfing the net for information. I am happy and proud that I am a part of the TripAdvisor community." -- Rachana Mehta, Dr Modis Resort


"I quit the corporate and joined my father with a vision to help him build Golden Creepers as one of the most admired natural farm destinations. We are on our journey still and sure with time will achieve our vision. In this journey of ours I place TripAdvisor as my partner and a mirror of our reflection to our guests. So far you guys have been amazing. Thank you. But as I told you we are on a journey and I would require your constant support and advise." -- Daljeet, Golden Creepers Farm Retreat


"Best tool for generation revenue, guests always refer to TripAdvisor for booking. The foot fall has increased for us and we have listed our restaurant as well. At today's time people study before booking and TripAdvisor has been the most trusted module." -- Stephen, Lords Inn Jodhpur


"I have a guest house in Tiruvannamalai, India named Kalashetra Guest House and my business is being helped very much by TripAdvisor. Most of my guests, while interviewed, revealed that they have come to my place by reading reviews posted by fellow travellers on TripAdvisor. For my small and growing business, TripAdvisor has become a window to the world of opportunities outside. Guests around the world have come to know about my place, which is quite remote from the busier part of the town, mostly with the help of TripAdvisor. Though there are lots of platforms available for business promotional activities of various kinds, TripAdvisor is most reliable by tourists and travellers alike. Thus, it is indeed quite an impeccable service that TripAdvisor provides to budding entrepreneurs like me, which is also equally invaluable." -- Sathish Venkatesan, Kalashetra Guest House


"At least 50% of those who visited said they had decided to stay with me after reading reviews of other guests and learning that there was a place where, during their sometimes long tour in India, they could get a real feel of home and family and that their needs will be met promptly." -- Chanda Singh, Arcadia Homestay


"Being a member of theTripAdvisor community allows us to publicly honour businesses that are actively engaging with customers and using feedback to help travellers identify and confidently book the perfect trip. We thank you for your support and we hope to continue our valuable business partnership with you and look forward to your continued cooperation for our continued success." -- Pankaj Gupta, Aloft Bengaluru Whitefield



"As we are located in a very remote spot, TripAdvisor has had a tremendous impact on our business. We now receive guests from all over India who have read about us and make that extra effort to find us. The reviews we receive make us stand out from other restaurants. People know what they can expect, for example a peaceful green ambience suitable for familes with children. TripAdvisor also helps me in my work as a team leader. I can show good reviews to the staff and explain what a bad review can do to our reputation. Sometimes it annoys me that we are not "No. 1 " in our area. We definitely have the best reviews but not enough of them. But it doesn't really matter as people read the reviews. So thank you, Tripadvisor, and all its people!" -- Martina Ljungquist, Naturellement Garden Cafe


"TripAdvisor plays a major role in our business and growth. A lot of people go through TripAdvisor to view reviews left by other customers to decide on a particular place. We get a lot of customers coming to our establishment after they check our reviews on TripAdvisor. So thank you, TripAdvisor, and we hope to grow more with you. Cheers!!" -- Saurav, Soul Chef at Joe Joe's Corner


"In today's world of tech savvy people and a competitive business atmosphere, a business having TripAdvisor recommendations means a lot towards building clientele. Hats off to you, TripAdvisor." -- Ahmed Zarief, Lhasa Restaurant


"TripAdvisor is a well renowned and trustworthy medium for my clients to check out genuine reviews for recommendations to (in our case) eat out. Our current and first time customers tell us about how TripAdvisor was a big factor in making their decision about coming to dine in with us. Thank you, TripAdvisor! You are a boon for small businesses!" -- Amit Raval, Pizza on the Rock


"We have had a more conclusive and cogent idea of our service and hospitality standards juxtaposed to the guest's levels of expectation. The platform has also helped us in having a better one-on-one interaction with the guests, rendering justifications, and enlightening others visiting the portal." -- Rajesh Chugh, Nizam's Kathi Kabab


"It has helped people hear of my establishment and added an element of credibility to the hospitality industry in general. The biggest positive is that the traveler wins either way because TripAdvisor has the truth out there" -- Bala Murugan, Morgan's Place


"TripAdvisor has been one of the best media publicities for our restaurant on internet. Thanks a million." -- Mohammed Aslam, Little India Restaurant