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"I always ask potential guests how they found Banjos and many people advise me that they always read the reviews on TripAdvisor before making an enquiry, and as we now have 101 Excellent Reviews on TripAdvisor, this works well for us. As AAA Tourism Staring Rating Scheme will be closing later this year, owners and people searching for accommodation choices will depend on TripAdvisor more heavily than ever before." -- Jenny Patterson, Banjos Bushland Retreat


"When I purchased the business three years ago I had no inside help from any industry association to where I should take or expand my business; marketing was my main aim as we had 16 other motels to contend with. So I took TripAdvisor as my main marketing platform and how well it has worked. We are now the best motel in Taree, so it is paramount that businesses get on board with TripAdvisor to mark their presence. PS: I have advised a business friend with a restaurant in Taree to join the TripAdvisor family and now he has increased his clientele four fold. Great for business, TripAdvisor." -- Ken Mason, Crescent Motel


"Few are familiar with Cooroy, Queensland, so the rural holiday cottage 'built' enterprise would always be a constant challenge both in terms of attracting guests 'to come' and marketing strategies. I couldn't expect a guest to be impressed with my offerings unless I was. As with most new businesses, the initial years were slow and lean. Time forced me to rely on satisfied guests for either their return stays or referrals, a hallmark every business requires for longevity. If the business hadn't by design 'gone to the dogs' in terms of this area's first pet-friendly policy, I question its survival. I had underestimated the marketing challenge for rural interests not earlier realising 89% of Australians live in urban areas and have strong coastal preferences with 82% within fifty kilometres of a coast, as opposed to my preference for rural and town benefits. My daily appreciations of this rural property, combined with guest compliments who similar cherished its unique benefits, fed my motivations to find a better way for the public to know we even existed. My business partner and I credit TripAdvisor to that long-earned and awaited business recognition and continuing success. Rather than relying on my past costly self-interest promotions which can be questioned by the public, their voluntary reviews since our 2012 inclusion allow my guests to directly convey their observations, experiences, emotions and ratings. Fortunately, my prospects and resulting guests have not only positively responded to the TripAdvisor review system, but also positively responded to my business offerings and efforts. The business finally broke through that marketing bubble delivering both awaited regional, state, national and international recognition with the rewards of serial bookings and economic security to allow the enviable rural lifestyle I share with my cottage guests during the past 17 years. Thank you, TripAdvisor, for your invaluable contribution! Unlike other self-proclaimed 'business partners' who primarily seek their hidden financial cost or commission from me, you instead freely and fairly at no cost invite and promote my guests' reviews and ratings to advance and improve the global industry." -- Jim Cooney, Cooroy Country Cottages


"TripAdvisor is the ONLY advertising we do. We are able to be seen very quickly through the internet and phone app. We are able to offer deals and discounts, updating them as or if required. The review section is probably the most important tool, as it allows us (the vendor) to keep tabs on what our guests like ...or don't like and what is working or not working. The other analytical tools are very helpful as well, as it offers a visual tool to keep track of our performance as well as how well we are competing with our neighbouring competitors. All in all, we feel TripAdvisor to be the perfect advertising tool for the motel we manage." -- Michelle, Sleepy Hill Motor Inn


"We took over business seven months ago and haven't advertised, but TripAdvisor has done it for us. We get 80% of our booking as a result of the reviews we have received on TripAdvisor. Amazing way to build a business." -- Denise, Mount Victoria Manor


"TripAdvisor has helped our business immensely. Travelers see all the comments on our website from TripAdvisor about our restaurant and rccommodation. Thanks, TripAdvisor :)" -- Sandie Peters, Pine Creek Railway Resort


"Mine is a very small business, just two rooms one with a queen bed & powder room only not a full on suite. The other with twin single beds. Bathroom is share by all, this is clear on my web sight. I have only ever had good reviews, but I have found almost all my clients have checked TripAdvisor before booking my accommodation. This has made managing my business very easy as all I had to do was maintain the quality of my service and my clients would be happy. Thank you, TripAdvisor -- Jan Murphy, Jan's Bed and Breakfast


"Being the only truly pet friendly motel with no silly rules on the Murray Valley Highway, TripAdvisor has allowed guests to leave very favorable reviews to show prospective guests just how clean and welcoming we are to guests and pets alike. This has helped drive bookings. Our ratings have never dropped thanks to TripAdvisors rating system. The best subscription I ever made." -- Roslyn, Gazebo Motor Inn Strathmerton


"Our guests like to share their experience at Continental House. Equally it gives honest insights to others looking for a retreat or group booking location close to Melbourne yet far enough away to be relaxing.  The grading structure encourages business owners to achieve quality in all areas and adds confidence for guests when making a booking. The smart links to social media and the stickers and certificates are also very well received. Thank you." -- Veronica Whitter, Continental House Hepburn Springs


"TripAdvisor has introduced guests from many countries to our small heritage B&B. Reviews have been excellent. We pride ourselves with our standard of cleanliness, comfort and affordability. Guest have responded and TripAdvisor has spread the word via their extensive network to the world. That has brought new guests who trust TripAdvisor." -- Russell Porteus, Owlpen House B&B



"TripAdvisor is a brand that is so well known. It is the go-to search option for local opinion and is used by so many of our local, frequent diners to inform them of their restaurant options.  As a business that is located in a town that is a tourist destination we rely heavily on visitors to Ballarat. Again, TripAdvisor provides a one stop shop for a anyone passing through town, or staying for business or leisure. A visible, dynamic, up to date presence on TripAdvisor encourages guests through our door!" -- Jennifer Graham, Hog's Breath Cafe Ballarat


"TripAdvisor helps my company / business become discovered by a million of travellers around the world in a convenient way. This site has became top of mind for all of the users, because of its user experience, its platform, and rating feature to build online reputation and also the integrated with system itself. I couldn’t say anymore instead of thank you for providing all of us media to engage with our customers around the world :)" -- Andi Chakra Indra Negara, ON20 Bar & Dining Sky Lounge


"TripAdvisor has been invaluable in helping people to know about and locate my cafe, and has provided information about the food we serve and the positive experiences other customers have had here." -- Yvette Giannake, Feast & Farmin'


"TripAdvisor has helped elevate my cafe business from just one of many to the number one in my area. By encouraging reviews with table cards promoting TripAdvisor and by responding to every review in person I can now boast the highest profile and most successful cafe in the region." -- David Jones, Imola Red Cafe


"Has provided a great platform for getting honest feedback on our business. Also has been a great advertisement for the business and particularly for interstate or foreign visitors." -- Iliya Hastings, Brewhouse Margaret River


"TripAdvisor gives our customers the opportunity to tell others about their experience. As our cafe is in a small country town, we need to be a destination venue. So word of mouth is important even more than advertising. The reviews also help the area's backpackers working on the farms and the oversees students from the university to know about our great food, customer service and atmosphere and where the cafe is. As individuals we also look to TripAdvisor when making choices." -- Heather Drouin, Cafe 4342